Building Codes and Zoning Division


The Wilson County Development Services Codes and Zoning Department is in place to enforce the regulations set forth in the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance. Since a building permit is required for the construction of any and all structures placed on a piece of property, we are here to help with all of your permitting needs. You are welcome to call the office with any questions you may have, or you can come in to see us where we have access to maps, plats, and other useful documents and information to help you explore your project options and ensure that you are abiding by county zoning requirements and regulations.

Building Permits

The property owner of record or a state-licensed contractor are the only individuals that can apply for building permits in Wilson County. Please note that if you are a contractor tasked with applying for a building permit for a project there are documents that must be signed by the property owner of record and notarized before you can apply. Since we know your time is valuable, the necessary permitting documents have been provided below for your convenience to help expedite your application process:

Permit applications will not be processed after 3:30 pm each day, so if you are in need of a permit please be sure to visit the office before the daily processing deadline. At this time check, cashier check, and money order are the only forms of payment accepted.

Adequate Facilities Tax

Fees for the Adequate Facilities Tax (AFT) for Wilson County, the city of Lebanon, the city of Mt. Juliet, and the city of Watertown are collected in this office. Please contact us for the most up-to-date Adequate Facilities Tax fee schedules for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.

Code Violations

This office receives and handles code violation complaints. Those desiring to submit a complaint may do so by coming into the office and filling out a complaint form in its entirety, or you can fill out the Online Complaint Form. Please be advised that complaints will not be taken anonymously or over the phone.

Grass Complaints

At this time, the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance only contains provisions for grass height on subdivisions of property that are less than 2 acres in size. As such, any grass height complaints that pertain to properties that exceed 2 acres in size will not be taken or investigated by this office.

SECTION 3.75 Grass & Weeds in a Major Subdivision (Resolution 10-1-8)

On any tract of land in Wilson County on which a major subdivision of land has been approved by the planning commission and subsequently recorded; where the average created lot size of lots within the subdivision is less than two (2) acres (87,120 square feet); the following provisions shall be adhered to: (Resolution 13-2-11)

  1. Grass and weeds may not be permitted to grow above 24 inches high, on individually created lots with less than two acres of land encompassed within the said lot. (Resolution 13-2-11)

    Any lot which violates the above standard may be deemed in violation of the zoning ordinance and the owner of lot may be cited for zoning violation. Upon notice of violation, the lot owner may be subject to the penalties section of the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance under section 6.20.05 of the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance.