Demolition & Asbestos Renovation

State of Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation - Notification of Demolition / Asbestos Renovation

At this time Wilson County does not require demolition permits to tear down or remove structures on a piece of property. However, the State of Tennessee does require notification prior to such action.

For questions regarding the demolition process, please call the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation at 615-532-6828.

Below you will find links to important information regarding air pollution, asbestos, and the notification process of demolition/removal required by the State of Tennessee:

Chapter 1200-03-11-.02

Chapter 1200-03-11-.02 of the Tennessee Air Pollution Control Regulations require building owners and/or operators to thoroughly inspect buildings for asbestos-containing material (ACM) prior to demolition or renovation. The person inspecting the facility for ACM must be accredited by the State of Tennessee. State regulations also require owners and/or operators to file a notification with the state 10 working days prior to demolition of a building (even if no asbestos is present), or any renovation involving the removal of regulated ACM. If no notification is received by the state violations may be issued.