Judicial Commissioners

The mission of the Wilson County Judicial Commissioners Office is to act as an independent administrator of the legal process as set forth by Tennessee State law to serve the law enforcement community and the citizens of Wilson County fairly and impartially.

Judicial Commissioners shall assist the public and law enforcement agencies on a regular and daily basis.  The role of the Judicial Commissioner is to hear sworn testimony and determine probable cause for the issuance of state warrants and criminal summons from law enforcement agencies and citizens within the jurisdiction of Wilson County.  The duties and responsibilities also include issuance of search warrants, and criminal summons and orders of protection.  Judicial Commissioners shall conduct arraignment proceedings, set bail and any conditions of release, and assign court dates.  Judicial Commissioners answers questions and directs citizens to appropriate agencies for assistance.  The Judicial Commissioners Office is open to the public and proudly serves all citizens and law enforcement agencies in Wilson County.

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    Lisa Coltogirone

    Director of Judicial Commissioner's

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