Every five years in Wilson County the Assessor’s Office is charged with conducting a reappraisal, per state law. 2021 was Wilson County’s reappraisal year. The reappraisal is done to establish equity county-wide by bringing all appraised values current so that all real property assessments are at 100% of fair market value. Fair market value is established by taking the 2020 qualified sales in your area and estimating the fair market price for your home if you were to sell it on January 1, 2021. The next reappraisal will be completed in 2026.

Generally, the appraisal and assessment of your property will not change in the years between a reappraisal unless you have property that you have remodeled, damaged or changed the use which may require a change in the appraised value. When that happens you receive an Assessment Change Notice in the mail from our office in the Spring before tax notices are mailed in the Fall.

Our office will strive to continue to make information available to you on a timely basis. Property records can be accessed by utilizing the Tennessee Comptroller's Assessment Data Search. Additionally, property maps and aerial photography are accessible through the State of TN Map Viewer or