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Board of Zoning and Appeals
Thursday, November 19, 2020, 09:00am
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The Wilson County Board of Zoning Appeals will meet Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.  in the County Commission Room at the Wilson County Courthouse, located at 228 East Main Street, Lebanon, Tennessee.

Given Covid 19 related precautions, if you do not plan to attend the meeting and wish to comment, we will be accepting comments through mail or email.  All comments must be received by 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 18, 2020.  Please send your comments to Wilson County Codes and Zoning Department, Attention Karen Murphy 233 East Gay Street Lebanon, TN 37087 or email

If you plan on attending the meeting, we will be practicing social distancing and you may be asked to remain outside the meeting room until the case you are interested in is being heard. 

The following cases will be heard:


CASE 3837

REQUEST:  John Link is seeking a variance of one thousand and fifty-eight (1058) square feet  from the two thousand (2,000) square feet requirement for an accessory structure without a home being located on the property.  The size limit is nine hundred and forty-two (942) square feet.  The variance will allow the proposed accessory structure to be two thousand (2,000) square feet. 

The property located at 5670 Central Pike, Lots 1 and 2, Summer Place is Parcels 11.07 and 11.11 on Wilson County Tax Map 97.  The property consists of .54 acres and is zoned R-1 Residential. 

ORDINANCE REFERENCE: ARTICLE 3 GENERAL PROVISIONS - SECTION 3.90 ACCESSORY STRUCTURES IN RESIDENTIAL AND/OR AGRICULTURAL ZONE DISTRICTS [resolution 07-7-5] - 3.90.01 Accessory structures as defined by this zoning ordinance may receive a building permit in instances where a principal residential structure has not yet been built or subject to the following additional conditions or requirements:  A.  The accessory structure being proposed does not exceed the following:  R-1 - 4% of total lot area or 2,000 square feet, whichever is less.


CASE 3838

REQUEST:  Brad Henderson is seeking to waive the requirement for building material and  the requirement of a site plan approval for a proposed carport.  The property located at 87 Benders Ferry Road is Parcel 35 on Wilson County Tax Map 54.  The property consists of .90 acres and is zoned LOC Limited Office Commercial. 



ZONE DISTRICTS (resolution # 04-12-17) - 3.55.02 Building Material 1.Within commercial

zone districts, Metal siding as a primary/predominant element shall not be permitted along any

side of a building facing a public road.  Said elevations shall consist primarily of brick, stone, or

some other product deemed acceptable by the Planning Commission. The above listed building

materials shall be extended at least one forth (¼) of the way down adjoining building elevations.


Where a building permit has been issued, under no circumstance shall a commercial, industrial, or multi-family residential use commence on a site prior to the requirements of the approved site plan being met or before a letter of credit is received as surety for the completion of remaining required work (Letters of Credit will only be accepted for work considered to be cosmetic in nature by County Staff).  [Published 3/21/02]

CASE 3839

REQUEST:  Lonnie Dillard is seeking to establish a legal lot of record.  The property became of record in August 1977 without an approved plat.  The variance will allow the applicant to make an addition to the existing house.  The property located at 350 Haley Road is Parcel 26.02 on Wilson County Tax Map 109.  The property consists of 1.62 acres and is zoned A-1 Agricultural. 

ORDINANCE REFERENCE:  ARTICLE 3 GENERAL PROVISIONS - SECTION 3.20 GENERAL EXCEPTIONS - 3.20.01 SUBSTANDARD LOT OF RECORD. Where the owner of a lot of record is defined in Article 2, Definitions does not own sufficient land to enable him to conform to the yard and other requirements of this Resolution, such lot may be used as a building site by the same or a subsequent owner provided that the yard space and other requirements shall conform to the requirements for the zone in which it is located. The lot must have been of official record as of July 10, 1974. 

CASE 3840

REQUEST:  Kirsten Mickelsen is requesting to establish an Airbnb with a variance from the two (2) acre size requirement on R-1 Residential zoned property.  The property located at 366 Burris Road is Parcel 10.01 on Wilson County Tax Map 11.  The property consists of forty-three thousand, two hundred and fifty-six (43,256) square feet. 

ORDINANCE REFERENCE:  ARTICLE 5 ZONING DISTRICTSSECTION 5.10 RURAL RESIDENTIAL (R-1) - 5.10.03 USES PERMISSIBLE ON APPEAL - K. Bed and Breakfast Facility - 1. Bed and Breakfast Facilities must possess onsite caretaker either living on premises or on a premise within 10 Miles of the Bed and Breakfast Facility to oversee operations.  2. Bed and Breakfast Facilities shall also provide contact information for the local caretaker, as outlined in item 1 above, as well as, contact information for the actual owner of the property if different from the local caretaker. This information shall be provided to the County Sherriff’s office, the County Building inspector, and the Wilson Emergency Management Agency. Such required contact information shall include Name, a Valid Mailing Address, Phone number and Email address for the Caretaker and the owner of the property respectively. This information will be required upon approval of any Bed and Breakfast use, as defined in the Wilson County Zoning Resolution, by the Board of Zoning Appeals and prior to commencing operations.  3. Bed and Breakfast facilities as outlined by the Wilson County Zoning Resolution shall be required to meet the rules of the Tennessee Department of Health division of Food and Sanitation Chapter 1200-23-2 titled bed and breakfast establishments, where deemed applicable by officials of the Tennessee Department of Health.  4. Bed and Breakfast facilities as outlined by the Wilson County Zoning Resolution shall be required to have viable sewer septic as determined by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.  5. All properties in which this use is approved must have a minimum of two (2) acres.  6. This use will be approved in increments with option to request renewal or extension at the end of that time period.

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