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Friday, November 20, 2020, 10:00am
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Friday, November 20, 2020 Meeting

10:00 A.M.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: October 16, 2020

Old Business:  none

New Business:

Rezoning of property request: City of Mt. Juliet planning region/urban growth boundary to be presented on Thursday, November 19, 2020 to the City of Mt. Juliet Planning Commission, Mt. Juliet City Hall, 2425 N Mt Juliet Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, 6:30 p.m.

Application made by Butch Earheart to rezone approximately two hundred ninety-nine (299) acres from (A-1) Agricultural to (R-1) Rural Residential the property is located at 2850 Benders Ferry Road referenced by Wilson County Tax Map 32 Parcel 28.00.   District 4 Commissioner: Chad Barnard

Rezoning of property request: City of Lebanon planning region/urban growth boundary to be presented on Monday, November 16, 2020 to the City of Lebanon Planning Commission, City Administration Building, 200 North Castle Heights Avenue, Lebanon, TN at 5:00 p.m.

Application has been submitted by William R. Hall, Laura Hall and Judy May to rezone property referenced by Wilson County Tax Map 79 Parcels 6.00 and 6.01 from (R-1) Residential to (LOC) Limited Office Commercial. The properties are located at 5785 and 5815 East Division Street consisting of approximately 3.50 acres.  District 25 Commissioner: Justin Smith


Rezoning of property request: Wilson County jurisdiction:

Application has been made by Joe Haddix, Civil Site Design Group on behalf of property owner Robert Lannom requesting a Land Use Plan Amendment from high density residential area to a commercial center area. The applicant also seeks to rezone the same property from (R-1) Rural Residential to (C-4) Planned Commercial being approximately sixty (60) acres and located at 2525 Lone Oak Road. Property is further referenced as Wilson County Tax Map 138 Parcel 32.03. District 13 Commissioner: Sonja Robinson.

Site Plans and Plats:

  • Site Plan-BJ’s Trailers 1 lot

            5940 Highway 109 North                                                                33/46.00

            District 4 Commissioner Chad Barnard                                        zoning C-3

  • Site Plan-revised Speedway Industrial monument signs 2 lots

            Darrell Waltrip Drive & Richard Petty Way                                  141/26.04; 26.07

District 13 Commissioner: Sonja Robinson.                                Zoning C-4

  • Site Plan-Berea Church of Christ 1 lot

            Coles Ferry Pike                                                                              35/19.00

District 5 Commissioner: Jerry McFarland                                   zoning A-1

  • Site Plan-Speedway Industrial Lot 1B Building 2 1 lot

Darrell Waltrip Drive                                                                        141/26.07

District 13 Commissioner Sonja Robinson                                  zoning C-4

  • Final- Willie & Marion Dedman Property 11 lots

            Hartsville Pike                                                                                   44/41.01

            District 15 Commissioner Chris Dowell                                        zoning A-1

  • Final-Autumn Creek Phase Five 15 lots

            Ridgestone Place                                                                            34/2.02 po

District 5 Commissioner: Jerry McFarland                                   zoning R-1

  • ; Ricketts Subdivision 61 lots

Posey Hill Road                                                                               95/48.11

District 14 Commissioner: Tommy Jones                                    zoning R-1

  • ; Huff Trust 4 lots

            Canoe Branch Road                                                                        6/6.03

            District 6 Commissioner: Kenny Reich                                         zoning A-1

  • ; Boggs Property 3 lots

            Northern Road                                                                                  33/47.00

District 4 Commissioner: Chad Barnard                                       zoning A-1

Plats for affirmation:

Subdv.; Irene Harris Property                                                                    2 lots

Martha Leeville Road                                                                                  70/9.00

Rsb./Consol.-Thomas N. Collier Estate & Joe Gammon Property      2 lots

Shipper Road                                                                                   45/22.04, 22.14, 24.05

Rsb.; Trails End Subdivision Section One Lots 22 & 23                       1 lot

Lakeview Circle                                                                                            11K/D/8.00

Subdv.; Horton & Wisniewski Property                                                     2 lots

Lone Oak Road                                                                                            122/1.06

Planning Staff

2021 Planning Commission Calendar of deadlines and meeting dates (attached)

Amendment to the Wilson County Subdivision Regulations adding City of Lebanon Public Works Certificate (attached)

Discussion: Adopting fee for making application to amend the Wilson County Land Use Plan

RESOLUTION AMENDING THE WILSON COUNTY SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS TO add/revise language removing Certificate of Acknowledgement of Utility Bond and to add City of Lebanon Public Works Department Public Sewer System Certificate to be Included on Subdivision Plats in the City of Lebanon’s Jurisdiction where sewer connection is applicable.

WHEREAS; the Wilson County subdivision regulations were approved on January 2, 1973 and took effect on February 1, 1973 and;

WHEREAS; one of the purposes of the Wilson County Subdivision Regulations is to support the idea that is  to the interest of the public, the developer and the future owners that subdivisions be conceived, designed and developed in accordance with sound rules and proper minimum standards; and

WHEREAS; our submittal requirements have evolved as the community has grown;


That the following amendment be added to the Wilson County Subdivision Regulations as proposed.


Remove the following text

(2)       Posted a security bond in sufficient amount to assure such completion of all required improvements. Andy required bond will not be released without a satisfactory affidavit stating that all bonded improvements are installed as shown on the plat (8-13-87)

Under Sign-off certificates for all final plats. 

Remove the following certificate.


I hereby certify (1) that utilities have been installed in an acceptable manner and according to specifications or (2) that a surety instrument in the amount of $_________________has been posted with the proper utility to assure completion of all required utility improvements, such as hydrants and other utility appurtenances in case of default.

Under Article VII – Adoption and Effective Date

B.  Adoption and Effective Date

Add the following language to the end of paragraph entitled PUBILIC SEWER SYSTEM

Certificate of Approval of Sewer System

I hereby certify (1) that the sewer system outlined or indicated hereon has been installed in accordance with current State and/or local government requirements or (2) that a Letter of Credit in the amount of $_____ has been placed with the City of Lebanon Public Works Department to assure completion of all required sewer improvements in case of default.

Date ______________ Name and Title _________________________

This resolution shall take effect immediately; the public health, safety and welfare requiring it.


Gene Jones                                                                                      Date

Wilson County Planning Commission Chairman


Mike Jennings                                                                                  Date

Wilson County Attorney