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Friday, June 18, 2021, 10:00am
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Friday, June 18, 2021

10:00 a.m.




Old Business:            

Deferred April 16, 2021         Application has been made by Adam Nash requesting to rezone approximately 8.50 acres from (R-1) Rural Residential to (I-1) Light Industrial the property is located at 8160 Stewarts Ferry Pike referenced by Wilson County Tax Map 117 Parcel 37.14. District 13 Commissioner Sonja Robinson.      Applicant has withdrawn his request.

New Business


Application has been made by Jamie Williams to rezone approximately three (3) acres from

(A-1) Agricultural to (C-3) Highway Commercial. The property is located at 5760 Highway 109 North referenced by Wilson County Tax Map 33 Parcel 45.00. Commission District 4 Commissioner Chad Barnard.

Application has been made by Kenneth Everett to rezone approximately 15.36 acres from (A-1) Agricultural to (I-1) Light Industrial. The property is located on Highway 231 South referenced by Wilson County Tax Map 115 Parcel 20.07. Commission District 12 Terry Ashe.

Amendment to the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance Section 6.50.01 Introduction of Amendments, requiring any request for rezoning amendment to include submittal of a preliminary site assessment. (attached)

Site Plans and Plats

01.) Site Plan-Outfront Media, billboard rebuild                                           1 lot

       Highway 109 North                                                                                 27/15.05

       Commission District 5, Jerry McFarland                                                zoned C-3

02.) Site Plan-Outfront Media, billboard rebuild                                           1 lot

       5665 Highway 109 North                                                                                    33/42.00

       Commission District 4, Chad Barnard                                                    zoned C-3

03.) Site Plan-Crown Castle Academy Road co-location                               1 lot

       2677 Academy Road                                                                               27/43.00

       Commission District 5, Jerry McFarland                                                zoned A-1

04.) Site Plan- Crown Castle South Mt. Juliet Road co-location                   1 lot

       1635 South Mt. Juliet Road                                                                     99/3.02

       Commission District 16, Diane Weathers                                               zoned A-1

05.) Site Plan- Crown Castle Cairo Bend Road co-location                           1 lot

       1080 Cairo Bend Road                                                                            47/12.00

       Commission District 4, Chad Barnard                                                    zoned A-1

06.) Site Plan-Amazon Fulfillment location signs                                          1 lot

       Richard Petty Drive                                                                                 141/26.01

      Commission District 13, Sonja Robinson                                                zoned C-4

07.) Site Plan-Tennessee Hydrovac                                                               1 lot

       Murfreesboro Road                                                                                 114/035.13

       Commission District 12, Terry Ashe                                                       zoned C-3

08.) Site Plan-Stewarts Fresh Market                                                             1 lot

       8711 Stewarts Ferry Pike                                                                         116/42.00

       Commission District 14, Tommy Jones                                                  zoned C-1

09.) Site Plan-Project Ethalondis                                                                    1 lot

       Couchville Pike                                                                                        138/41.05

       Commission District 13, Sonja Robinson                                               zoned C-4

10.) Final-The Reserve @ Horn Springs Sections 3 & 4                               38 lots

       Horn Springs Road                                                                                  35/40.00

       Commission District 5, Jerry McFarland                                                zoned R-1

11.) item removed from agenda

12.) Final-Speedway Industrial Park Phase 1 & 2 Lot 10                              4 lots

       Darrell Waltrip Drive                                                       141/11.00, 26.05, 26.07, 26.09

       Commission District 13, Sonja Robinson                                               zoned C-4

13.) Site Plan-Speedway Industrial Park Phase 2 Lot 10 Building 10           1 lot

       Darrell Waltrip Drive                                                                               141/26.04

       Commission District 13, Sonja Robinson                                               zoned C-4

14.) Subdv.; Shepherd Property                                                                      3 lots

       Old Statesville Road                                                                                128/67.01

       Commission District 16, Diane Weathers                                               zoning R-1

Plats for affirmation

Soils Amd.; Thornhill Estates Lot 5, 1 lot, Asbury Place, 118E/C/1.00

Rsb.; Southwinds Section 2 Lot 60, 1 lot, 110 Rea Drive

Rsb.; Fleming Property/Blake Chancey Property, 1 lot, Riverview Road, 28/8.06

Subdv.; Harold Cawthon Property, 2 lots, Benders Ferry Road, 28/4.00

Subdv.; Steven Goad Property, 2 lots, Cedar Grove Road, 037I/B/8.01

Soils Amd.; Dale H. Carver Sr. Property Lot 2, 1 lot, Carver Lane, 46/16.03

Subdv.; Drakes Creek Company LLC, 1 lot, King Arthurs Place, 33/1.00

Consolidation-Stone Ridge Estates, 1 lot, Stone Edge Drive, 42N/A/19.00, 20.00

Subdv.; Lou A. Snyder Property, 1 lot, Hearn Hill Road, 130/17.00 po

Amendment to the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance:

Under Article 6 ADMININSTRATION, ENFORCEMENT AND INTERPRETATION, SECTION 6.50 AMENDMENTS; Add the following language to Subsection 6.50.01 as shown in Bold, underlined italics:

Any request for rezoning  amendment must include submittal of a preliminary site assessment consisting of a surveyed drawing or boundary document in plan view, drawn to a legible scale, that clearly indicates blue line streams; regulatory floodplains and evident naturally occurring floodplains that are as yet un-mapped by FEMA;  Evident areas of Spring activities, well locations, springhouses; Caves and sinkholes and other evident karst features; wetland areas or marsh areas; Sensitive slope areas due to the existence of extreme slope or lack of slope; and areas of the property that may otherwise be impacted environmentally by on-site or nearby pollution or other feature; and any areas potentially impacted by upstream small dam act features with  location of dam and specific details.  This survey and requisite data should be prepared by a surveyor or other individual licensed to perform such work in the State of Tennessee.