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Wilson County Planning Commission
Friday, November 19, 2021, 10:00am
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Friday, November 19, 2021

10:00 a.m.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: October 22, 2021

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2022 Calendar (attachment page 2)

Site Plans and Plats

01.)       Site Plan-Vanhooseco, LLC-precast plan additions                       1 lot

            Murfreesboro Road                                                                    103/41.00

            Commission District 12 Terry Ashe                                              zoned I-2

02.)       Site Plan-Shop Springs Storage                                                  1 lot

            Sparta Pike                                                                               105/51.00

            Commission District 7 Terry Scruggs                                           zoned A-1

03.)       Site Plan-Compass RV                                                              1 lot

            Murfreesboro Road                                                                    124/3.06

            Commission District 12 Terry Ashe                                              zoned A-1

04.)       Sketch Plat-Boles Property                                                         150 lots

            Davidson County Line                                                                120/1.03, 1.04

            Commission District 13 Sonja Robinson                                       zoned R-1

05.)       Sketch Plat-Berkshire Subdivision                                               87 lots

            Posey Hill Road                                                                         95/10.00, 49.00

            Commission District 13 Sonja Robinson                                       zoned R-1

06.)       Sketch Plat-Benders Ferry Subdivision                                        210 lots

            Benders Ferry Road                                                                   49/69.00, 69.02, 69.03, 69.09

            Commission District 22 Wendell Marlowe                                     zoned R-1

07.)       Prelim.; Masters Way Subdivision                                               23 lots

            Masters Way                                                                             100/64.01

            Commission District 14 Tommy Jones                                         zoned R-1

Plats for affirmation: none

******     Leadership Wilson is requesting to address the Planning Commission seeking feedback on facts, issues or processes that would educate the public before attending a Planning Commission meeting. (Attachment page 3)


DEADLINE (by noon)

Board of Zoning Appeals


Planning Commission


Meeting Time 9:00 a.m.


Meeting Time 10:00 a.m.

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Applications for the Wilson County Board of Zoning Appeals are to be submitted by noon to the Wilson County Development Services Office/Codes & Inspection Division (444-3025) in the County Courthouse Annex located at 233 East Gay Street

Applications for the Wilson County Planning Commission are to be submitted by noon to the Wilson County Development Services Office/Planning Division (449-2836) Room 5, Wilson County Courthouse, 228 East Main Street

Wilson County Board of Zoning Appeals and Wilson County Planning Commission meeting location: Wilson County Courthouse, 228 East Main Street, County Commission Room on the 2nd floor.


Introduction, Objective, and Request for Guidance

Leadership Wilson 2021—Service Project

Introduction and Objective:  As part of our participation in Leadership Wilson, Small Groups are formed to complete a service project to benefit our community. 

Our group has as its objective to create and provide educational materials informing citizen participants wishing to participate in the governmental process how they can better prepare and participate.

The end goal is to create a more informed participating citizen so that their time before Council and Commissions can be focused upon relevant contributions.

Project Elements:  The following preliminary elements are considered as we seek the insights of the Councils and Commissions of Wilson County:

  • Educational Brochures: Prepare content for brochures or hand-outs available to the public when they come to the meetings and sessions
  • Educational Videos: Prepare video content which may be viewed by interested and participating constituents that may be viewed thru social media, county, and city websites and before meetings.

Request:  Provide information to our small group on what facts, issues, or processes we could focus our education efforts on that would benefit the Council or Commission the most. 


  1. What are top “3 to 7” issues which a citizen can provide relevant information which could impact the Council or Commissions decision?
  2. What top “3-7” types of information is consistently voiced by Constituents that has no bearing on the decisions surrounding growth and development?
  3. If you could advise citizens or groups of citizens one thing before they came to speak, what would it be?
  4. What other items would you like them know before they attempt to participate?

Our group consists of:

  • Niki Green -- 615-977-1312
  • Gerald Butler -- 615-992-7851
  • Kevin Carr -- 615-766-7757
  • Nathan Dutch -- 615-957-4348
  • Buzz Steele -- 615-305-1785
  • Philip Vance -- 615-574-3076

Please feel free to contact us with us any information as we attempt to better Wilson Counties efforts as we grow.