Our Mission

To guide the future of this county, taking into account the strong work ethic of our ancestors, their ingenuity, their willingness to serve and their valued efforts to constantly improve their quality of life and bring this into practice today as we concern ourselves with education, economic and community development and a life-style that endears the true qualities of life.

County Profile

Wilson County is located in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Wilson County was established by an act of the Third General Assembly of the State of Tennessee on October 26, 1799, three years after the organization of the state itself and consists of 583.27 square miles. The county was named in honor of Major David Wilson, a native of Pennsylvania, who came to Sumner County while it was yet a part of North Carolina. He was the first Speaker of the Territorial Assembly. The 2010 Census by the U.S. Census Bureau gives Wilson County a total population of 113,993 broken down by the following: Lebanon - 26,190,  Mt. Juliet - 23,671, and Watertown - 1,477, with the remaining living in the county, outside of city limits.