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Grateful to be in Wilson County, Tennessee

Grateful to be in Wilson County, Tennessee


The holiday season is officially in full swing here in Wilson County. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in busy schedules and long lines at the supermarket.  We rush around trying to accomplish so many things that sometimes it is hard to wrap our minds around what this season is truly about: giving thanks. Wilson County has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. For one, we recently held the grand opening of the new Wilson County Exposition Center at the James E Ward Agricultural Center. This facility is already bringing so many wonderful events for Wilson County residents to enjoy and will truly be an asset to our community. We also have new schools in the works and have almost completed the new Veterans Museum which will pay tribute to our veterans and provide educational resources for all residents of Wilson County. In addition, we will soon celebrate the grand opening of WEMA Station 7 in Statesville, the groundbreaking of WEMA Station 11 in Norene, and wrap up a record breaking summer with the Wilson County Road Commission. To say Wilson County has had a successful year is an understatement.


 In the next few weeks we will celebrate the expansion of WEMA services to the rural parts of the county with the opening of WEMA Station 7 in Statesville and the groundbreaking of WEMA Station 11 in Norene. WEMA Station 11 will host a groundbreaking ceremony on November 28, 2016. The groundbreaking ceremony will take place at 2:00 PM at the site of the new WEMA station in Norene. Commissioner Terry Ashe and WEMA director Joey Cooper will speak at this event. Citizens of Wilson County are invited to attend the groundbreaking and celebrate the expansion of WEMA to the Norene community. Following the groundbreaking, WEMA Station 7 will host a Grand Opening and Open House on the same day, November 28, 2016, from 4:00 PM until 7:00 PM. This station will be located in the Statesville community and will provide much needed access to emergency services provided by Wilson County Emergency Management Agency. The Grand Opening and Open House will include comments from WEMA director Joey Cooper as well as Commissioner Sara Patton. Citizens are invited to attend this event and tour the new facility. In response to the expansion of WEMA stations to both Statesville and Norene, WEMA director Joey Cooper stated “We are very excited to open WEMA Station 7 in Statesville and break ground on WEMA Station 11 in Norene. These facilities will allow us to serve the citizens of Wilson County better by providing emergency services in every community.”


In addition to the expansion of WEMA services, the Wilson County Road Commission is currently wrapping up a record setting year. Road Superintendent Steve Murphy noted “The Wilson County Road Commission has had a very successful summer. We have paved over 56 miles and plan to continue paving as long as weather permits”. The Road Commission has been working to not only make sure every road in Wilson County is paved, but has also has been working to resurface roads throughout the county as well. The maintenance of Wilson County roadways ensures safe driving conditions for all citizens in every part of the county.


The new WEMA stations, Road Commission success, and opening of the Expo Center are only a few of the exciting events that have taken place throughout 2016. Wilson County is thriving and we are excited to share the success with every citizen. I am humbled to work alongside both our County Commission and our citizens to provide services such as a quality education, a high standard of public safety, and a great quality of life.  Wilson County has one of the best County Commissions in the state. Without the determination of our Commissioners, none of these events would have been possible. This Thanksgiving, as you pause to give thanks for all of the blessings that surround you, take time to give thanks for the great country we live in, the state of Tennessee and for Wilson County. It truly is “the place to be”!


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