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The Wilson County Codes Department, is here to help you with the permitting process for the construction of your new home or with any building improvements you make on your property.  If you have questions concerning the process, feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email.  For best results, visit us in our office so we may get a more precise look at your property from plats, tax maps or deeds.  This will help to verify the buildable status of your property and avoid any surprises or delays in your permitting process.

About Us

The Wilson County Codes Department is in place to enforce the regulations set forth in the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance.

The office is open Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm and is located in the Courthouse Annex, 233 E. Gay Street,  Lebanon, TN.

    ******The only method of payments accepted is Check or Money Order.******

Building permits are required for the construction of any structure, including accessory structures.
*NO permit applications are accepted after 3:30PM each day. 
*Property Owner or Licensed Contractor must apply for permit. 

Application fee of $100.00 along with seven (7) copies of a plot plan.  If applicant is not the property owner, a notarized affidavit (linked below) must be signed by the property owner giving applicant permission to make request.   Minutes of the BOZA meetings are taken by staff and filed in this office.  Please call the office for more detailed information regarding the submittal of paperwork to support request.  

BOZA Calendar
BOZA Members
BOZA Affidavit

Fees for the Adequate Facilities Tax (AFT) for Wilson County, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, and Watertown are collected in this office.  Please contact this office for the AFT fee schedules for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional.

Receives and handles code violation complaints.  Those desiring to submit a complaint may do so by coming by the office and filling out a complaint form in its entirety OR you can fill out the Online Complaint Form (currently PDF) that should be submitted to NOTE - Complaints are not taken over the phone.

Building Codes

Building Codes:

Inspection Process


Our inspection process is as follows, and are next day with a cutoff time of 2:00 p.m. Daily. Exceptions will be made for footings depending on availability of time.

Re-Inspect Fees

  • 1st -$75
  • 2nd -$150
  • 3rd -$300 - On 3rd re-inspect, a stop work order will be placed until corrections have been made and fees paid.
  • Fees must be paid in office prior to requesting a re-inpsection
  1. Footing Inspection – 2 runs minimum #4 rebar with minimum 3” clearance from bottom and in corners. Ditches should be free of debris including clods, rocks, roots and vegetation.
  2. Foundation Inspection – Prior to placing any framing members on foundation. CMU walls should be at their final elevation with all piers in place. CMU Piers/foundation walls cannot exceed 10’when supporting drop girders and primary structure unless engineered. Top 4” of piers must be cap block or filled with mortar or cement. Anchor Bolts/Ties much be installed. Starting no less than 3.5” or more than 12” from corner and space 6’ OC thereafter. Porches need to be marked as “S” (swung) or “F” (filled) as well.
  3. Framing/Plumbing/Mechanical Rough In – We must have state electrical rough in pass on file prior to this inspection. Plumbing must have a minimum of 50 lbs test (most plumbers test at 100 lbs), DWV must have minimum 5 lbs air. We recommend doing head tests, which are accomplished by placing standpipes and charging the system with water – on slabs 10’ standpipe required and on whole house 3’ standpipe at highest fixture. All Mechanical that would be covered by interior finishes must be installed at this time including attic ducting. Fire blocking, proper support paths, hangers and various framing components are observed at this time. Note: If there are no more than 5 violations at this point, you will be allowed to insulate. We will check for corrections on the insulation inspection.
  4. Insulation Inspection: We will check to ensure any required corrections have been made at this time. 2009 IECC Affidavit of Compliance should be on file by this time. We will check for proper caulking, R-13 Walls, R-30 on sloped ceilings, and any batted flat ceilings should be R-38. Underfloor and attic insulation will be verified at time of CO.
  5. Certificate of Compliance/Occupation – All safety measures should be in place at this time. Smoke Detectors interconnected and functioning, handrails installed, guards in place, window limiters (if required), protective bollards or any other corrections that may have been noted throughout the Inspection process.

Questions, feel free to call our office, or:

Charles Davis                                                   Chris Richardson

Building Inspector II : 615-504-2098                Building Inspector  I : 615-604-5053


Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where do I pick up a building permit?

Applications for a building permit are made at the Building Inspector’s office located in the Courthouse Annex, 233 E. Gay Street, Lebanon, TN.  Building permits are issued on site.  

2.) Can anyone apply for a permit?

Permits must be applied for from a licensed contractor or the property owner themselves.

3.) What is required to pull a building permit?

A checklist for items needed to apply for a building permit.  To avoid delays, all items must be on hand and presented for application to be made.

4.) Do I have to pay for a building permit up front?

Yes, fees for a building permit and/or an adequate facilities tax are collected in full at time of application.  Residential permits are based on $0.70 per square foot (includes living area, attached garage, finished or unfinished bonus rooms, sunrooms, and finished or unfinished basements) along with a $3,000 Adequate Facilities Tax for new construction. Adequate Facilities Tax must be paid with seperate check.  Accessory structures (patios, screened porches, swimming pools, carports, detached garages, barns, or storage buildings) are charged $50.00 for structures of 1,000 square feet or less or $75.00 for structures of 1,001 square feet or more. 

******The only method of payments accepted is Check or Money Order.******

5.) How long are building permits good for?

A building permit shall become void twelve (12) months from the date of issuance by the Building Inspector or the date an appeal is granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals, unless substantial progress has been made within those twelve (12) months on the project.

6.) What if I have a complaint about my neighbor’s property?

Those desiring to submit a complaint may do so by coming by the office and filling out a complaint form in its entirety OR you can fill out the Online Complaint Form Online Complaint Form (currently PDF) that should be submitted to NOTE - Complaints are not taken over the phone. If property is found to be non-compliant with the Wilson County Zoning Ordinance, this office will notify the property owner of the violation and give them a deadline to come into compliance.  If correspondence fails to get results, the violation is turned over to the Wilson County Attorney. 



NOTE: We do not permit or conduct electrical inspections.  Those are handled by the State of Tennessee deputy electrical inspector.

For all electrical permits and/or questions please contact:

State Electrical Office
410 Park Dr
Lebanon, TN 37087



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